Bangkok City – Mad Mad City Rush

I have never been to Bangkok, Thailand before. My last visit to Thailand was in Phuket in 2010. Phuket was the sea, sand and sun, island hoping, snorkelling, chilling and miggling with the fishes of the sea. It is what I called laid back, relaxing, catching the sunset, dreaming, stress-free experience.

Bangkok is a totally different experience as you will see brick and mortar all around you. Busy all day long and super humid. For a city guy, it is not a vacation that I was looking for. However, there is a pinch of cultural experience in Bangkok.

This was my first time in this city center as my missus wanted to basically shop. In Bangkok, you can get a cheap quality t-shirt for as low as 3usd and I mean quality. For tourist like us, Bangkok is food, food, shopping, shopping!

Bucket Lists

One of my bucket list in Bangkok is site-seeing the famous Mae Klang market where you can find the morning train passes through a busy market right smack in the middle!

Another iconic site will be the floating market in Bangkok. Where can you go about shopping across a canal on a small boat? Bangkok is where you can do all this.

It is like going through a bit of spicy experience along the way and I can’t wait to get started!

Walking on the railway track in Mae Klang

Mae Klang Market

You must be early to see the train passing through the market. The train will pass through the market at about 8.30am and will stopped at Mae Klang railway station for 20-30mins. Thereafter, the train will pass the market again at about 9am-ish.

We woke up early and met our tour guide at the hotel lobby at 7am. Breakfast was at a side walk stall, chicken rice at 80baht (about 2usd) per person, cheap and good.

We then proceed to the Mae Klang on an hour drive. Reached Mae Klang market at about 8.45am and nearly missed the passing train. It was a nice experience seeing the train in real time as all the busy stall operators getting their awnings out of the way. Breathtaking!

Mae Klang market in action

Floating Market

One of the best site-seeing place when you are in Bangkok.

When you live your entire life in a busy city, you got used to living and walking on concrete floor. When you are at the floating market, it is a different experience to be in a boat and go shopping!

There are a couple of floating market sites and my missus did some research, we were recommended Damnoen Saduak.

We went to Damneon Saduak after visting Mae Klang market. The ride by van took another 30 to 45 mins. Upon reaching, the tour guide took us to the boat, nice looking long boat and comfy seats. The boat guide got us to wear a life vest for safety as he claims that boat police are on patrol and off we go! Exciting!

Boats galore

Weather was hot and humid. Although the canvas shelter on top of the boat protected us from the sun, the heat waves were unbearable, I was dehydrated and my head was throbing. Took my aspirin out to ease the headache.

We arrived at the floating market after a 10mins boat ride. It was busy with lots of boats crowding and you got to see merchandises and foods from the boat operators.

I was like a movie star!

Bought ourselves a cocunut ice-cream, a sticky mango rice and a bag of rambutans. We went window shopping on a boat, who does that!? An eventful experience to be in this floating market.

Food was good and sticky mango rice, delicious! Riding the boat was awesome but a bit rocky plus I got a terrible headache. One thing about the floating market is the merchandises that are slightly expensive than the city center, reason being, it is a tourist spot and shops tends to jack their price up!

My advice, enjoy your boat ride but leave your wallet in your pocket!



Bangkok is a citylife and if you are so tune to living in the city, the city center is not the place to visit. Go out to the rural areas where there are so many interesting places you can site-see.

For me, it is a wonderful experience visiting these places. The heat in Bangkok was terrible, humid plus getting headaches along the way. However, nothing beats the memories of riding a boat through a canal and looking at a train passing through a wet market. Wow!

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